NEO Fairy Decora (means “decorative fairy”)-

We can trace Fairy Decora’s roots to 1990’s; at that time decorative fashion was taken by big fans of TV personality Tomoe Shinohara who called “Shinorer”.
Their decorative fashion elements, which were putting many accessories on hair or clothes, were passed down as “Decora Fashion”, and its fashion with pastel colors and airy texture was called “Fairy Decora”.
At the same time, the producer Mr. Sebastian Masuda has established his own apparel brand “6%DOKIDOKI” that had concept of sensation and happiness.
That cute fashion from 6%DOKIDOKI using bright and lovely colors was accepted by Fair Decora girls, and then this brand has opened up entirely new style “Fairy style”.
After establishment, this brand was unrivaled for other similar brands, and has strengthened originality of this brand by Mr. Sebastian Masuda’s unique sensibility, abundant designs and use of different material.
The pre-event of “Popples’ world exhibition” reported on this time had a talk show by Mr. Sebastian Masuda and a fashion show by girls from 6%DOKIDOKI in commemoration of unveiling of collaboration items with 6%DOKIDOKI.

(via tanantii)